ONE PRIVÉ Exclusive Design

Weighted Blanket | Clinically Developed | Khaki Double Sided Rabbit Faux Fur | Queen (60x80) 20 lbs.

$149.97 $295.67

As Reported by the New York Times  | Hand Crafted & Clinically Developed to: 

  • Increase your body's Natural Oxytocin Levels 
  • Eliminate Anxiety through Weighted Touch & by decreasing Cortisol
  • Enhance Your REM Sleep Cycles
  • Increase your body's Natural Serotonin output
  • Reduce Your overall body's Stress Points

The Science Backed Research is clear, what's remarkable is you can have your Serenity Returned & Live a Calmer Stress-Free Existence - Substance FREE!

Introducing Telluride Gravity Weighted Blanket:

You will feel Extraordinary as your return your body to its Natural Homeostasis through Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation, which is Science Backed & Clinically Developed by One Privé Home & Hospitality.

Our Exclusive Design of Rabbit Faux Fur is rich in detail brining together the power of 20 lbs. of Glass Weighted Beads & Rabbit Faux Fur to relax your Nervous System, Calm your Mind & return your body to its Natural Peacefulness.

You are going to Benefit greatly from sound Sleep, greater Calmness, Clarity of Mind & Body & an overall feeling of Serenity & true Relaxation. 

Telluride Gravity Weighted Blankets are offered in a four luxurious Rabbit Faux Fur Finishes | Queen size (60X80) $ is 20lbss of Precisely Balanced pocket dimensions containing Glass Weighted Micro Beads to increases the body’s production of Serotonin & Melatonin responsible for relaxation and decreasing Cortisol, the hormone responsible for stress. Ships Same Day! 

Includes an Elegant Custom Travel Case with Carry Handles: 


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Telluride Blankets are safe for individuals over 35 lbs.
  • Spot Clean | Machine Wash

Color Options:

  • Elegant Black
  • Casual Khaki
  • Dramatic Gray
  • Prestigious Brown

Order Cancellations or Refunds for any reason are permitted but not during Transit or Prior to complete order Delivery. The Telluride Blankets and Throws are subject to a 25% Return & Restocking Charge.

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The Collection is curated in the United States to create lasting entertainment memories

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