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One Privé Chatham Dinning Chair | Fully Customizable

$2,950 $3,700

The One Privé Chatham Dinning Chair is Inspired by the Architectural Curvature of the Chatham Historic Dockyard in Kent England. The Chatham is both Elegant & Comfortable and is Fully Customizable including engraving of Home or Family Crest.

Minimum Order: Four Dinning Chairs 

Materials as Pictured: Bronzed Frame with Plush Leather 

Material Substations Will Be Accommodated 

Lead Time: Four Months 

The Chatham Dinning Chair Dinning Chair is Offered as a Set of Eight: $24,800

Additional Dinning Chairs are Offered in pairs (2) provided each set of pairs is ordered simultaneously as the Minimum Order: $6,200 

Designer Inquiries Welcome 

To discuss The One Privé Chatham Dinning Chair further, please email our design team at:

ONE PRIVÉ designs and curates elegant accoutrements for comfort & entertainment

The Collection exemplifies our multicultural heritage - inspired by more than 20 years of global journeys to India, Africa, the Near & Far East, Europe, and the Americas

The Collection is curated in the United States to create lasting entertainment memories

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