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Pillow Cushion Insert | 100% Cotton-Padded Cushion Insert



The CERPLUNK Pillow Cushion Insert | 100% Cotton-Padded Cushion Inserts are for CERPLUNK Pillow Covers with matching Dimensions

Shipping & Insert Details

  • Free Shipping within the U.S CODE: CERPLUNK
  • Shipping lead-time for ALL CERPLUNK Hand Crafted Items 21-30 Days! 
  • Pillow Cushion Inserts are each Sold Separately and may Ship Separately from Pillow Covers. 

 Style Details  

  • 100% Cotton
  • Color: White
  • Hypoallergenic

Size & Care Details 

  • Size: Varying to fit Pillow Cover Selection(s)
  • Weight: 1-2 LBS
  • Spot clean | Wash Cold Water | Do Not Use Dryer 

CERPLUNK Order Cancellations or Refunds for any reason are permitted but not during Transit or Prior to complete order Delivery. All Hand Crafted CERPLUNK Pillow Cushion Inserts are subject to a 25% Return & Restocking Charge Regardless of the Reason. 

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